New Albany Commerce II

New Albany, OH

  • 218,457 SF
  • 25 acres
  • Rear loaded, Spec
  • Funded by Fund II
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Al. Neyer is Ready to Deliver Second Class A Industrial Facility to New Albany, Ohio

Al. Neyer recently purchased land from household name, Abercrombie & Fitch to build their second project in Columbus– a 218,457 SF Class A industrial building in the New Albany area of Ohio.

This will be Al. Neyer’s second facility in the Columbus area with New Albany Commerce I is located on the same street – Smith’s Mill Road. New Albany Commerce I combined with the square footage of the new project, New Albany Commerce II will leave the occupants of Smith’s Mill Road with 760, 457 square footage of new opportunity.

The new 25-acre site will undoubtedly be occupied with nearby suppliers from the $20B Intel development plant down the road.

The Al. Neyer team has stated that they are prepared and ready to meet the dozens of Intel suppliers’ needs with this new development as they continue to grow their Midwest regional footprint.

With this project being funded by their second industrial equity fund, otherwise known as Fund II, that means Al. Neyer has raised $200 million to fund projects and continues to further their mission of building pride in real estate.

Al. Neyer has estimated the completion of New Albany Commerce II in June 2023.