MadTree Brewing Company

Oakley, Cincinnati

  • 50,000 SF
  • 5 acre site
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Al. Neyer Converts Old Paper Mill Into MadTree’s New Brewery

With the rapid growth of the craft beer industry, MadTree Brewing Company became one of the most popular breweries among the Tri-State region. The craft beer company quickly exceeded production capacity and needed a new venue to brew their beer and entertain thirsty visitors. That’s when they hired Al. Neyer to find a property with characteristics that would match MadTree’s brand. The answer came less than two miles from their original location at the old RockTenn manufacturing facility.

Al. Neyer reconstructed the old paper mill site to suit the needs of the expanding brewery. It currently features a 10,000 SF outdoor beer garden, two private event spaces, Catch-A-Fire Pizza café, a 64-tap taproom, and a 100-barrel brew house. Madtree has also quadrupled their production of beer, which is good news for any Cincinnati beer enthusiast.

MadTree’s owners were adamant on maintaining and reusing the existing structures on the historic site. Two buildings in total were salvaged. Al. Neyer was able to cohesively tie the buildings, old and new, together to create a grand 50,000 square foot facility.

Al. Neyer began construction in April of 2016 and completed the project in early 2017.