Chard Snyder

Mason, Ohio

  • 53,000 SF Office
  • 2-story
  • 8 acre site
  • Structural Steel
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A Growing Company Reunites With The Help Of Al. Neyer  

Chard Snyder’s ever-expanding team found themselves outgrowing their current facilities and wanted to combine four smaller offices into a 53,000 SF open-concept facility in Mason, Ohio. Al. Neyer reworked two parcels of land to create a new parcel in order to satisfy and accommodate our client and their expectations of strong growth for years to come.

As a company that began in the garage of their family home, they had a strong desire to maintain an elegant but comfortable feel. The new office features a mainly glass exterior, beautiful fire pits, a fountain, and detention pond. Construction began in May of 2017 and was completed in June of 2018.