Creative Architectural Design

Our design process considers not only how a project looks, but also how people function within it and how it fits into its environment. Great design is also integral in helping a building convey the image of the organization it represents – its people, culture and beliefs.

Al. Neyer has mastered the challenges of planning and design for award-winning projects from hip loft offices in the city and luxurious riverfront condos to high-productivity industrial spaces and welcoming corporate environments.

By integrating design into other planning and scheduling elements of a project, our “lean design” creates exceptional efficiencies throughout the process. True collaboration from Al. Neyer’s development, design, planning and construction professionals united with members of the client’s team allow design, planning and construction decisions to be made simultaneously for a faster, more effective design process.

Our expertise in delivering LEED-rated projects will help you determine which strategies will have the greatest impact on your success, which are most cost effective, and the benefits you can expect for occupants, visitors and the community.

Please review our Portfolio for a sampling of our design capabilities.

Architecture and Design Projects