Knepper Press

Knepper Press

Clinton, Pennsylvania
Manufacturing, Office


  • 100,000 SF printing facility
  • 12,000 SF office space
  • Pre-cast concrete construction
  • 26′ minimum height clearence
  • 100 car parking
  • 11.0 acre site

World-Class Printing Press Facilitates Need For Larger Facility

Knepper Press has a legacy in the Pittsburgh region that spans more than 100 years of continuous service and ownership by the Knepper family. In the mid-2000s, the company envisioned growth by offering clients new printing capabilities that would save both time and money. It looked overseas at a state-of-the-art web printing press solution, a full-sized ROTOMAN press, with run speeds up to 65,000 sheets per hour.

This investment required new thinking about a bigger, more efficient facility. It also imposed a firm deadline on construction. Knepper chose Al. Neyer, another company with a 100+ year legacy, focused on saving time and money to its real estate clients. Under a tight deadline, the Al. Neyer team quickly meshed with the Knepper team to make sure the building design would optimize the new press. Despite a construction schedule in the dead of winter, the team met press deadlines, and the news is good—the building has propelled Knepper into new markets and capabilities.

“Architects and engineers collaborated with our craftsmen to design the most technologically advanced, highly efficient manufacturing facility available.” – Company statement

“We could not have accomplished what we have if not for the hard work and assistance from all at Al. Neyer. To build a building on the time schedule we did is one of my proudest accomplishments, and people don’t believe me when I tell them how it all played out.”

Bill Knepper, Owner