Jet Machine

Jet Machine

Roselawn, Ohio 

Industrial, Office, Warehouse   


  • 105,000 SF
  • Concrete tilt-up construction
  • 2.4 acre site

Al. Neyer Builds New Industrial Office and Warehouse For Jet Machine 

Jet Machine needed to expand in order to keep up with production demand. Al. Neyer teamed up with the Port Authority of Cincinnati to provide a new industrial office and warehouse for the military supplier of armor components. Located near Interstate I-75 and the Roselawn neighborhood the site’s location is ideal for distribution to the Midwest and beyond.

The building will feature 6,000 SF of office space and 99,000 SF for light assembly and distribution. Al. Neyer is utilizing their tilt-up construction and design-build expertise to quickly erect this building, reducing time and money spent on the project. Jet Machine currently has about 110 employees, and the new building will allow the company to add as many as 40 additional jobs.

Al. Neyer began construction in September 2016 and plans to complete the project in the second quarter of 2018.