DreBo America, Inc.

DreBo America, Inc.

California, Pennsylvania
Industrial, Office, Warehouse


  • 20,000 SF industrial building
  • 4,200 SF office
  • Pre-cast concrete construction
  • 24′ clear height
  • 45′ x 50′ bays

German Manufacturer Expands In Technology Park

DreBo’s motto, “Success Through Performance,” has led to its growth into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide tipped rotary drill bits. The Germany-based company outgrew a facility in California Technology Park and sought a new solution that it hoped would allow it to stay close. This DreBo location allows the company to gain close market position in the North and South American markets. It serves such functions as customized marketing, sales, packaging and distribution. Crossgates Inc., a regional developer, hired Al. Neyer to build a new, larger and flexible facility within California Technology Park.

Al. Neyer designed the building with an abundance of racking and storage for DreBo, which stores and ships thousands of its drill bits to the North and South American markets. The space is bathed in natural light because of design that considers sunlight and sunshades that enhance the working environment. The visitor lobby exhibits a customized 3-D display that communicates DreBo’s products and processes that have led to its position as an industry leader.