Cincinnati Testing Systems

Cincinnati Testing Systems

 Harrison, Ohio

Warehouse, Industrial


  • 72,000 SF 1-story flex office and warehouse
  • Core and shell industrial building
  • Load bearing precast, conventional foundation, structural steel frame


Company Focusing In Quality Called On Al. Neyer For The Same Standards

Cincinnati Test Systems needed more space to ensure they had the opportunity to grow and meet their clients’ needs. Specializing in standard and custom leak test machines, CTS meets a critical need in ensuring proper product quality, safety and performance. The company selected Al. Neyer to design-build a space that would include office space, light assembly, and a 9,000 sf machine shop. Al. Neyer worked with the city of Harrison, which installed a new public access road to ensure people could get to CTS conveniently. The Al. Neyer team finished this project in April 2013.