Broadway Garage

Broadway Garage

Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio
Urban Development, Parking Garage, Street Level Commercial


  • 250- vehicle expansion on three levels, added to an existing 400 vehicle, 5-level garage
  • 6,000 SF street level retail
  • Automated pay on foot systems
  • 20-90 acre urban brownfield site
  • Installation of new service elevator to all eight levels

Al. Neyer Ahead of Time and Under Budget on City Garage Project — Again

When Al. Neyer learned from the City of Cincinnati it was time to work on a parking solution at the corner of Seventh and Broadway, it was a bit of deja vu, for many reasons. When Al. Neyer completed a five-story parking garage at that corner in 2003, it was the City’s first project completed by design-build, which delivered $250,000 under budget. City leaders called on Al. Neyer once again to expand the garage to accommodate some 650 Procter & Gamble Co. workers who were relocating to World HQ positions in 2010.

Our collaborative, integrated design and construction process was vetted out again with outstanding results – the Garage expansion was completed more than two months ahead of contracted schedule date, allowing the City to begin realizing revenue sooner. And, we are able to send $230,000 back to the City through shared savings, primarily realized from process efficiencies.